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The OG Corset
made from upcycled sneakers
As You Wish Corset
made from upcycled riding boots
(ne)ON) Corset
made from upcycled shoes
Silhouette Denim Jacket
upcycled U.S. Polo jacket, beads and embroidery
Personalized Embroidered Brooklyn Hoodie
Over Embellished Denim Jacket
Now Presenting Jacket
patches made from upcycled fabric scrap book
Open Back Hoodie
upcycled hoodie, pants and jewelry
Handmade Faux Leather Purse 
upcycled bedsheets and embroidery
Live Out Loud Purse
upcycled leather jacket and embroidery
Button Me Up Set     
upcycled vintage dress
Wrap Sun Skirt
upcycled  curtains
Fringe Leather Jacket
upcycled leather jacket , hand cut faux fringe
Un-Murder Jumpsuit                    
upcycled letters from disposed clothing
Conflicted Sweater
upcycled sweatshirts and embroidery
Alien Vest
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