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I am Stephanie Echevarria, New York Time featured  originally from the streets of Brooklyn. I started my career in NYC as a Wig and Wardrobe Supervisor, but now I work as a full-time Wig, Costume, and Production Designer. While exploring my passion for mixed media collage and upcycling clothing in recent years, I have discovered new ways to express myself creatively. My designs are inspired by the stage and convey the raw truth of human emotion through textures and surrealism. I believe in creating personalized clothing for each client because everyone is unique and deserves a one-of-a-kind piece. Join me on this journey of self-expression and creativity through design. You can currently find me costuming the School of Dance at Ballet Hispanico.

Bald cap on Alicia Pilgrim in Cullud Wattah at The Public

cab 2.jpg

Cabaret at Peterborough Players Wig, Hair, and Makeup Design

The True wig maintenance 

Read about one of
Stephanie's latest project, 
El Otro Oz! Winner of New York Times Critic's Pick! See full article HERE




The Bleeding Class

Costume Design: Stephanie Echevarria
Scenic Design: Tara Higgins
Lighting Design: Gaby Liriano
Projections Design: Scott Fetterman
Sound Design: Caroline Eng
PSM: Tahra Veasley
ASM: Hannah Ciesil
Produced by: Undiscovered Works
Presented at: 59e59

Running August 10th - September 1st

Directed by: Cezar Williams
Written by: Chisa Hutchinson

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