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Quarter Rican (Costume Designer)

Quarter Rican at Mile Square Theater

Written by Gabriel Diego Hernandez, Director Jorge B. Merced, Scenic Designer Emmett Grosland, Lighting Designer Lucrecia Briceno, Sound Designer Jimmy Kavetas, Co-Composer and Co-Lyricist Rachel Elmer

Footloose (Costume Designer)

Footloose at Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School

Director Kary Haddad, Choreography Drew Nellenson, Music Director John Fischer, Scenic and Lighting Designer Jason Maracani,  Technical Director Luke Lourigan

Princess Phooey (Costume Designer)

Princess Phooey Presented by TADA! Youth Theater

Book and Lyrics Lisa Diana Shapiro, Music By Eric Rockwell,  Director Nina Trevens, Assistant Director Ceanna Bryant, Music Director Jason Belanger, Choreographer Samantha McLoughlin, Scenic Designer Anton Volovsek, Lighting Designer Emily Atwood

Serving Elizabeth (Costume, Wig, and Makeup Designer)

Serving Elizabeth at Peterborough Players

Director Cezar Williams, Written by Marcia Johnson, Scenic Designer Jason Simms, Lighting  and Sound Design Kevin Frazier, Sound Design Alex Trombley

Cabaret (Wig Designer)

Cabaret at Peterborough Players

Director Tom Frye, Choreography Ilyse Robins, Music Director Jenny Kim-Godfrey Scenic Designer Charlie Morgan, Lighting Design Kevin Frazier, Sound Design Alex Trombley, Costume Design Sam Flemming based on original design by Sue Blane

Beehive! (Wig Designer)

Beehive! at Peterborough Players

Director and Choreographer Ilyse Robins, Music Director Pedro Ka'awaloa, Scenic Designer Emmy Boisvert, Lighting  and Sound Design Kevin Frazier and Adam Sowers, Costume Design Bethany Mullins

June Rites !! (Production Designer)

June Rites !! Presented by Waterwell Co-Created By: Lee Sunday EVans, Asta Bennie Hostetter, and Mariana Sanchez Directed and Choreographed Lee Sunday Evans Music Written by Mauro Refosco and Gustavo Di Dalva Co-Choreographed and Performed by Camila Cano-Flavia, Sunny HItt, Eleanora Pienta, Devika Wickremesinghe

I Need Space (Production Designer)

I Need Space Presented by The New Group Off Stage in association with John Ridley's No Studios and Frank Marhall Written By Donja R Love

Director of Photography and Editor Alscott Warrel, Costume Design Qween Jean, Intimacy Director David Anzuelo, Line Producer Monet, 1st AD Tatiana Montes, Gaffer Ayoub El Jama

Unknown Soldier (Associate Wig Designer)

Unknown Soldier at Playwrights Horizons

Book by Daniel Goldstein, Music by Michael Friedman, Director Trip Cullman, Choreography Patrick McCollum, Music Director Julie McBride, Scenic Designer Mark Wendland, Lighting Design Ben Stanton, Sound Design Leon Rothenberg, Projection Design Lucy Mackinnon, Costume Design Jacob A. Climer and Clint Ramos, Wig/Hair and Makeup Design Jared Janas

The World My Momma Raised (Asst. Costume Designer)

The World My Momma Raised presented by Clubbed Thumb 

Director Fred Kip Fagan, Choreography , Scenic Designer Arnulfo Maldonado, Lighting Design Eric Southern, Sound Design Palmer Hefferan, Costume Design by Asta Bennie Hostetter 

Holy Name (Production Designer)

Holy Name presented at IRT 3B

Written by Michael Eichler, Directed by Nic Adams

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